Teach to the Text

Your purchase of a Text Study includes the following:

Text Studies

Here, each text is treated as an independent study. 

Our materials and our model promote contemplative learning. It’s not about how many books you read. It’s what you learn from them that matters!

Text Studies can be undertaken independently, but our teachers standby, at your service, ready to provide additional help and guidance as needed!

Study Guide

Hard Copy (shipped)

Each guide is written by an experienced teacher who knows what students tend to overlook, as well as what they find confusing, amusing, or amazing.

There are no answer keys! Each guide includes a variety of assignments, with minor assignments building up to major projects.


Accessible for 60 days

Think of these as the teacher’s “Greatest Hits.” These are the lessons and lectures that have proven to resonate most with students, and to be the most helpful and interesting.

Teachers may also use videos to provide models for imitation, or guidance for completing assignments.


Accessible for 60 days

Quizzes check for reading comprehension and basic understanding of the concepts introduced in the Study Guide and videos.

Certificate of Completion

The student will receive a Certificate once all videos have been watched and quizzes taken. (If there is more we can do to help you with documentation, feel free to reach out and make a request.)

Need some extra help from your teacher?

Consider upgrading with these additional services:

$75 per month | 1 hour per week (minimum) 

Perfect for students working their way through a Text Study. 

  • Students can pop in, ask questions, discuss what they’re reading, and get help with assignments.
  • Can also be purchased as an ad hoc service.
  • Up to three students from the same family can attend.
  • Click here to find out more! 

For a limited time, Office Hours are free for any student participating in the “Let’s Read The Iliad!” Text Study Pilot Program.

$99 per month |  One email per day, Mon-Fri

Perfect for students who need help with the writing assignments in a Teach to the Text Study Guide.

  • Can also be purchased as an ad hoc service.
  • The pace, intensity, and content is customized for the individual student(s). 
  • The Coach will design a plan of action to meet your needs and help the student achieve his or her goals!
  • Click here to find out more!

When it comes to the Great Books, teachers and students would agree: There is never enough time for discussion! That is why at Teach to the Text we deliver our lectures via video in hopes that “live time” with the teacher can be spent in more engaging ways: 

  • lively discussions
  • challenging Socratic dialogues
  • heated debates
  • student presentations, or 
  • fun games, exercises, and activities. 

Symposiums are the perfect “add on” service for homeschool co-ops who want to do a Text Study together, and would like to have some time with the teacher online, but who want to follow their own schedule. (We know homeschoolers like to march to the beat of their own drummer!) Symposiums offer flexibility and, better yet, parents can pool their resources to hire the teacher! 

Symposiums can be ordered at any time but must be arranged depending on the teacher’s schedule. Reach out to us at contact@teachtothetext.com and let us know about your student or group. Price depends on number of students and number of symposiums desired. 

Do you have something specific in mind for your Symposium(s)? Let us know! If not, our teachers are full of ideas and can design a Symposium, or a series of them just for you (once they know a little bit more about your group).

Ready to dive in?

More than just a good book.
By completing one of our Text Studies, your student will reap the following benefits:

Patience and Fortitude

Better concentration

Writing and
Note-taking Skills

Critical Thinking

Speaking and Conversation Skills

Creativity and Imagination

Introspection and Realized Personal Values

Academic Independence and Increased Self-Confidence