Teach to the Text

Even parents who homeschool can’t teach all the kids, all the things, all the time. That’s where we come in.

Here, students can embark on an independent study of a Great Book with the guidance of an excellent teacher, and have some fun along the way! No enrollment necessary. 

Our methodology is rooted in analytical reading and critical thinking. We don’t just cover the material, then test on it. We study it, learn it, think it through, discuss it, laugh at it, accept it, reject it, challenge it, connect with it, become inspired by it, or create something beautiful from it. 

Here, we teach to the text.

Why choose Teach to the Text?

Real, live teachers

Teaching at its best cannot be completely pre-packaged because it’s personal. At the heart of great teaching is relationship. Each Text Study at Teach to the Text is created by a real teacher with years of classroom experience. Those same teachers standby, at your service, ready to provide additional help and guidance, as needed.

Contemplative Learning

Our books live on their own, outside the confines of yearlong curricula. This means students can take time to read closer, think deeper, and explore, without feeling pressure to move on to “the next thing.” Maybe a spark of intellectual curiosity can determine what the “next thing” will be!

Classical Books

We read the books that have withstood the test of time and are most commonly read in high school humanities courses, with a focus on ancient Greece and Rome, and the ideas that formed the foundations of Western civilization.

Minimal Commitment

Here, you can dabble in classical education without going “all in.” Plus, you’re never stuck with a teacher, a curriculum, or a program for the whole school year if it isn’t working for you.

Chart Your Own Course

Outsource the teaching of certain books or subjects without handing over the reins of your child’s education. We’re here to help when you need us, but you’re the one in charge!

Old-school Methods

We use paper books, and our paper Study Guides demand a lot of old-fashioned, off-screen, pen-to-paper work. Our digital materials (online lectures and quizzes) are more supplemental. (Hey, if we catch you reading a book on a digital device, you might have stay behind after class and clap erasers!)

Is it a perfect fit?

Is it a perfect fit?

Here’s how it works:

Choose the text you want to study. Purchase the Text Study from us. Purchase the text separately at the best price you can find: (Be sure to purchase the correct edition!)

Receive your Study Guide in the mail in a few days. Begin working your way through the book, using the teacher’s Study Guide and Videos.

Contact us if you’d like to hire the teacher for additional services, such as Office Hours, Writing Coaching, or Symposiums! You can add these upgrades at any time!

Ready to jump in?

“The Teach to the Text Study Guide [for The Iliad] was very helpful in summarizing and in making connections. I think I have made progress in analyzing the story, and am certainly amazed at Homer’s skill as a poet. This Study Guide was a lot harder [than others I’ve used], but I think that is because other Study Guides don’t require as much thinking.”

– Joseph

15-year-old homeschool student, Boulder, CO, January 2023