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“We both like the layout and that it’s not a strict ‘read this, answer this question’ kind of Study Guide. We appreciate the extra insights and assignments!” 

– Angie P.

Homeschooling mom, Boulder, CO, Jan. 2023

“She’s easily the most creative teacher I’ve ever had in her assignments and assessments; each one is different and has interesting guidelines that require a depth of thought and reading.” 

Student, Professional Review, Spring 2022

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Let’s Read The Odyssey!

Coming June 2023

For ten years, Greek warrior and King of Ithaca, Odysseus, must battle strange creatures, the elements, and his own nature on his journey home from the Trojan War. Upon his return, he must set things right in his kingdom.

Let’s Read Agamemnon!

Coming August 2023

Aeschylus, a deeply religious poet and “The Father of Tragedy,” explores ideas of justice in his play about King Agamemnon’s return home from the Trojan War and the ugly fate that awaited him.

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